Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Now it is no secret that I love second hand and op shopping. But lately I haven't been getting the same buzz from entering an op shop. There are still great finds to be discovered and fantastic bargains to be had. But op shops have changed and evolved. Now they have professional window displays, clothes hanging neatly on racks sorted by colour and size. Items are neatly displayed on shelves. There are even new items for sale. One op shop I visited last week has a loyalty card - ten purchases and get the next 50% off!

I used to love the rummaging through boxes and bookshelves to find the perfect book or over looked treasure. I used to love the items not having prices and getting to the counter and getting the item for an absolute bargain. But now they are run as a business and to me have lost that special something. Maybe it is the slightly musty smell you get when entering a second hand shop or the haphazard displays, maybe they have become too neat and tidy and orderly.

Oh well! Maybe they have had to change to compete with people selling on ebay.
Still I miss the older op shops of 10 years ago.

Friday, February 5, 2010

NO, I am not lost

I know, it has been a while!
Our January was busy with sailing and camping and walking and swimming and keeping cool!
Busy time of the year with holidays and now school starting back. My baby has begun kindy and has had a great week. He is disappointed that the weekend is here and he can't go to school for a whole 2 days. Wonder how long that will last. Guitar Dude and Zippy are in high school and have settled in well (and they are glad the weekend is coming).
So now all the little munchkins have started school I am finding myself with more time for myself. I have got so many things I want to do so I definately won't be bored.
One thing I have been investigating is selling handmade craft on Etsy http://www.etsy.com/ and Made It http://www.madeit.com.au/
Made It is an Australian site for buying and selling handmade and there are some wonderfully talented crafters out there!
This week I have got my sewing machine out (first time for over a year). Part of the reason I haven't sewn for ages is because I haven't had anywhere to keep it set up. It is such a hassle to take it out and set it up on the table and then having to either eat around it or put everything away while in the middle of a sewing project. I have now found a place to set it up permantly. My laundry is large , large enough for a chest freezer and for the ironing board to be permantly set up. With a bit of rearranging I have made myself a great creative sewing place in the laundry. The freezer is going and the ironing board is folded away.
And I have been sewing!
I will share my sewing projects in another post.
After a visit to spotlight to get some material I came away amazed at the price of material and fabric. So whats a girl to do but check out the local op shops for some bargains. And there was plenty to be had too. I came home with material for $1.00 a bunch, zips for $1.00, ribbons and more.

Also picked up this cookbook for a couple of dollars. It is a 1970's book but love the recipes in it. Promotes cooking seasonal foods from scratch with real foods. It even has recipes and instructions for making marmalades, pates, sauces and killing and plucking a chook ( I can't see myself ever doing this but good to know just in case).

And some Little Golden Books illustrated by Elois Wilkin. I am in love with her illustrations of babies and little children and collect her books.
I came across this person on Made It who makes cards from the books.
I wouldn't have the heart to rip up a good book but I have come across some in opshops with ripped pages which would be great for cards etc.

How gorgeous is this drawing?

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