Thursday, May 21, 2009


One of my least appreciated presents would have to be kitchen gadgets. I am sure you know the ones - electrical choppers, graters, serving bowls etc. They are the type of things I seem to get a few of each year for birthdays or Christmas. My family and friends know I love cooking and creating in the kitchen. But I haven't the heart to tell them I hate most kitchen gadgets. They used to be put into the cupboards and hardly used. I have since found new homes for most of my excess and unused gifts of the kitchen kind.
There are however some kitchen gadgets that I absolutely love and use over and over again. Most of them are are simple things that make life much easier.
For some reason the kids think apples taste better when they are peeled/cored with this. I actually think it is the long spiral of apples that they really like. Super Boy loves apples done like this when he goes to preschool. I use the peeler heaps when making stewed apples for apple crumbles or to freeze. It saves a lot of time rather than peeling an dcutting by hand and it is all manual - no electricity.

This one is a heavy marble one. It gets loads of use for crushing garlic, herbs, nuts etc.
If you do a lot of cooking like I do then this little sprayer is very useful. It is a simple hand pump for oil. It is refillable and perfect for oiling baking trays, frypans etc.
And a million times cheaper than buying those cans of oil spray from the supermarket.
Love these! No more burnt fingers from holding cobs of hot corn. The spiky bits fit togther when storing so no spikes in fingers when rummaging through the drawers. A very civilized way of eating corn.

I have no idea how much electricity the bread machine gobbles but I think it is worth it for the convenience and time saving. I use mine heaps. Sometimes for making dough for pizzas and foccacia bread and other times for loaves of bread or buns.

I would love to know what kitchen gadgets others find really useful. Leave me a comment on your favourites.

M xx

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greenfumb said...

Food processor and rice cooker. I make alot of soup, which I prefer whizzed up, but my fp is so well used that the grater bits have died and the main part of it is on it's way out too. I am currently looking on eBay for a replacement.

The other thing we eat alot is rice so it's great to be able to do a big batch which can be used on subsequent days for fried rice and so on.

Love that apple corer but my cupboards are too full to buy anything else.

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