Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I've never grown them before.
I planted a few sweet potatoes that had started to sprout a few months ago and picked the first one today. I had a bit of a dig around but the others aren't big enough yet so I will wait a while longer before digging them up. The sweet potatoe plants have just started to flower - pale purple flowers that remind me a bit of morning glory flowers.
I have just made a potatoe bake with normal potatoe and sweet potatoe for tea tonight.
M xx


Emma @ the Berry Patch said...

I love sweet potatoes. I have only grown them as pretty indoor vines, never for actual harvesting. Whenever a bought sweet potato starts to sprout I shove it in a pot. They are really pretty plants. Mine never flower (being indoors and all).

I must plant some in the garden.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Potatoes are on the spring list for my garden next year, I haven't grown them for ages!
They are so easy to grow and so easy to get a good size harvest - what more could you want from a vegie?

Just watch out they can be a bit invasive and take over the garden

Darren (Green Change) said...

We grew some this year as well. Some that sprouted in the cupboard, and some from slips that a friend gave me.

We just picked the first one last weekend. They're a great way to keep the weeds down under fruit trees, and apparently don't compete with the trees.


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