Wednesday, December 23, 2009


The heat has been getting me out in the garden earlier in the morning. While the kids sleep I go out and water and do a quick tidy up.
The insects are still out. They haven't gone for shelter from the harsh sun. It amazes me , the amount of bugs out there. I am always running into spider webs and squealing at the thought of a spider crawling over me. I love them in the garden but not too close and definately not crawling on me. I f I come across spiders in the house they get killed but the ones in the garden I leave.
Noticed something has been eating my bean leaves.

And after a bit of searching found him. Needless to say he ended up squished.
And this bug was in the pool. I fished him out and he is drying in my hand. I am not sure what sort he is but the green is so bright. Superboy has been finding a few of these every now and then and always around the water.

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