Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I have been asked about our rabbits cage so thought I would share a few pictures.
The rabbit is Zippy's pet and when he came to live here (the rabbit not my son) in 2006 it became very clear that given half a chance our dog would love to eat poor bunny or scare him to death by barking at him. So he couldn't go into the cage we had set up on the lawn.
Instead we decided that bunny would have to live in the pool area where the dog couldn't get to him. Trouble with this was that he does not have access to grass to graze on all day. So the cage needed to be big and roomy and plenty of room for bunny to stretch and move about.
We came across this pine dresser at the local op shop for $10.00 dollars, the drawers were falling apart and so was the back so it was perfect for our needs. We removed the drawers and the inner wood around the doors. These were replaced with wire mesh. Half of the second shelf was also removed and a ramp built complete with railing. One door was left as is and that part of the cage is bunnys bed area.

A coat of paint using left over paint from when we painted the exterior of the house , a back added, fly screen over the mesh to keep out flies and mosquitoes and roofing iron to keep out the rain and we have the Taj Ma Hutch. One very cute bunny hutch for about $15.00.

M xx


greenfumb said...

Hi Melinda,

glad you found the fungus info interesting. I love your rabbit hutch, much nicer than ours. You are wise to keep the dog separate, our dog pretended to be terrified of the rabbits until one day one got out and she turned it into a meal. Horrific!

Anonymous said...

What a hutch, its like the Hilton of Bunny hutches.
Wow, I will show it to hubby for some inspiration for our guinea pig cage....
Thanks for sharing!

Susan said...

That is one seriously cool bunny home :)

Melinda said...

Melinda, wow - that is a wonderful way to reuse old furniture and give your bunny a good home! I've come over from Julie's blog. I had to see what the (2!) other Melindas were up to!!

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