Monday, November 10, 2008


Well after the last post about the vegetable garden dilemma I thought I would post about my seed raising success. I think the vege garden will sort itself out. Maybe I should have left the patch to sit for a few weeks before planting it out. Now things are slowly growing and although I most likely wont have a bumper crop in everything I have learnt a few things for next time.

Over the years I have tried growing veges and flowers from seeds with varying success. But last few years I have been taking the easy option of buying seedlings from the nursery. Partly because I was too impatient to wait for seeds to grow, partly because I couldn't be bothered.

So this year I ordered vegetable seeds from Eden Seeds and I have had great success growing them.
The reason seed growing has been such a success is because of the location I chose as my seed raising area. Right outside the kitchen window, in a sunny but sheltered position on top of the rabbits cage. Everytime I look out the kitchen window I can see them. I can see if new seeds have risen, if something has been eating them and if they need a drink. They are in view so haven't been forgotten. Even Mr. Gadget has looked out the window at the seeds and gone out and watered them. At the end of winter and autumn when it was still cool I grew them in covered mini green houses but once the weather warmed up they have been raised in window seal pots and have grown very well. I have grown cucumber, chilli, luffa, gourds, chillis, artichokes, watermelons, rockmelons, zucchinis, corn, parsley, rhubarb, beans.
I have learnt to not be impatient in getting the little seedlings into the big garden beds too early. I have lost a few plants because of transplanting them too early. Next year I will grow them here again but with some of the seedlngs I will transplant them into individual pots and then into the garden when more advanced.
M xx


greenfumb said...


I love your blog, it is very attractive and the photos are great.

You seem to have leaf miner on your lettuce, not much you can do about it but as they get more leaves you'll find there is enough for both of you. If your soil is poor you have done the right thing but may need to feed the veges a bit more often with some kind of organic fertiliser. You seem to be doing well and unless you live in Queensland your veges are at about the right stage I would say. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Your seedlings are looking great.

Once they have their first true leaves they usually can be planted out or else potted up. Cucurbits can be very fussy when it comes to be transplanted and you don't want to leave them too long (I am guilty of that with my pumpkins they are dismal this year) And at the same time if you move them too soon they will die...

But you look like you are doing good job and practise makes perfect ;-)

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