Wednesday, March 4, 2009


A few months ago I decided to plant fruit trees/vegetables/herbs in preference of exotics or even native trees. I decided that when deciding on what to plant my main factor would be food production, followed by trees native to this area. No more buying for pretty flowers alone or lush fast growth. No now I want my garden to be able to feed us.

My latest plantings have included 4 olive trees down the side boundary of our property.
One navel orange - taking the citrus plantings to two lemons, one mandarin and now one orange.
One dwarf banana tree.
One dwarf avocado tree.
One mango tree tree.

The dwarf fruit trees are in pots in a very sunny corner in the pool area. They get sun just about all day in this area and being on pavers and close to the colourbond fence get heat transferrred from these sources too.

My dwarf fruit trees were purchased from my local nursery. There are a few good Australian sites


Both have lots of information on growing dwarf trees in pots, bags or in the ground. Now for the patiences - a few years and I should be rewarded with some delicious home grown fruits.
Funny thing is that just when I am thinking I have ran out of room to plant anymore veges or shrubs or trees I find more - a little less grass or I remove an ornamental plant. Really I think I can find a home for a few more yet!


Paola said...

Hi Melinda, I can always find room for another plant as well, although it is getting harder and harder. At the moment I'm trying to figure out where to plant a couple of blueberries and a strawberry patch.

TheCrone said...

Pots! I have been moaning about the lack of tree space happening at Wits End for weeks now, thank you for the reminder that fruit trees can and do grow well in pots!

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