Friday, January 9, 2009


I always have a big declutter after Christmas. It seems a good time as so many new things and presents are coming into the house so it is a great time to get rid of no longer used or wanted items. And to find room for the newer stuff.
I used to have a semi minamalistic house but then along came children and a bigger house. More children meant more items -clothes, toys, bed and so on. And as the kids have grown their interests have changed.
Guitar Dude who has a very healthy lego collection is now music crazy. He has accumulated a drum set, 2 guitars, music stands, sheet music, cds etc.
Zippy began collecting rocks and accumulating sports trophies, posters and paraphenalia.
Super Boy's interests have changed from Dora Explorer and Wiggles to all things to do with super heroes.
Mr Gadget has such a messy office that if he can't find what he is after he goes and buys another. Then a week later finds the original lost item.
Me, I love books and magazines and have accumulated way too many.

Yesterday I began the task of decluttering. Starting with the bedrooms, I have sorted through clothes and toys, books and shoes. Things have been divided into three piles -
Op shop pile
Rubbish pile
Keep pile

Over the years I have become fairly ruthless with my approach to decluttering so here are a few of my tips.
- Have a place for everything.
- Spend 10 minutes each day putting things away.
- Change your thinking about material objects. Value the memories more than the objects.
- As you declutter put items for the rubbish or op shop out of the house. I put op shop things straight into the boot of the car as I am sorting.
- Tackle the house room by room or even cupboard by cupboard. It is easier kto see results this way and the job doesn't get overwhelming.
- RAk your no longer needed items such as books, shoes, clothing to friends.
- Make a rule that if you buy something new then get rid of something old.
- If it hasn't been used or worn for over a year then chances are it will never be so get rid of it.
- Declutter when your partner or kids are not around. They will reclaim too much useless things if they are there.

Tomorrow I am tackling the kitchen cupboards and pantry. Then if I am really brave I will tackle Mr Gadgets office!
M xx


greenfumb said...

I'm with you, I hate clutter. It makes everything hard to find and all jobs seem to take longer in a messy environment. I only keep things that have serious sentimental value or are used on a regular basis. My family on the other hand are terrible hoarders, I often sneakily clean their spaces when they are out or away. I put the stuff in a bin liner in the garage and if they don't miss it in a month or so I get rid of it.

Cathy said...

Hello Melinda
Well known fact:- Easiest way to find something is to go out and buy the same article again LOL
Good list, lots of interesting points
Take care

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