Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We have fruit!
Very exciting!
Very juicy and full of flavour and I am thrilled that this tree is growing and fruiting and hasn't needed any sprays or additives except plenty of water and some seaweed fertiliser. The birds haven't discovered the fruit so it has been safe to ripen completely on the tree.
This is a plumcot tree (a cross between a plum and apricot). The flesh is orange similar to the colour of an apricot and you can definately taste apricot flavour. The fruit are about the size of a medium apple. I was told when I brought the tree that it was necessary to have an apricot or plum tree for pollination but I haven't. Might be one somewhere in the area. I am thrilled that it is growing so well in this area - I have been told that Newcastle is too humid for success with stone fruits. But my success with this tree has spurred me on and I will be planting a couple more this year.

M xx


Anonymous said...

Wow! Plumcots sound wonderful. Just found your blog. Looking forward to following. I am in newcastle also. Cheers, Tricia

Paola said...

Plumcots!I'm jealous! We have a beautiful plumcot that hasn't produced one fruit in 5 years! What's your secret.
Just found your blog - you sound a bit like me: wife,mother, cook, gardener, sewer. We live on small acreage on the south coast of NSW. I'm married to Action Man. I've recently resurrected my neglected little blog - www.spadesandspoons.blogspot.com. Hope you can drop around! I'll certainly be back...Regards, Paola

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