Friday, January 16, 2009


Mr Gadget that is. He just doesn't understand my need or want to live simpler. He doesn't get why I want to recycle and reduce, save water and power, say no to plastic bags and minimise our spending.
Now before I go further and you all think I am having a big hubby whinge (which I am sort of) let me say he is a man in a million. He cooks often and makes the best pizzas and a mean curry and many other delicious meals. He cleans - he knows how to use the vacuum cleaner and mop and washing machine. He works extremely hard and has built up his business and is only just now getting to reap the rewards of all his hard work in the past years. Finally the business is at a stage where he can take time off and delegate to others and we are in a great financial state. I am extremely proud of him. He is a very hands on dad to our three boys. He is very involved in their activities and their care.
But if I bring up any enviromental issue I can see the bristles coming up. Recently I was discussing with Mr Gadget how I wanted to eliminate plastic rubbish bags. He thought that was absolutely ridiculous so I dropped the subject. I am forever going around the house and turning off appliances at the power points. This drives poor Mr gadget to distraction. All those gadgets - computers, dvds, microwave, washing machines, monitors with their lights shining while on standby I find totally unneccesary. Mr Gadget argues that the amount of power they are drawing is minimal and not worth the hassle of turning off. I argue my point. I turn them off, he leaves them on. If I argue it will save money that irks him - he reasons that we can afford it so it is okay.

The one thing he is nearly as passionate as me about is the vegetable garden. He leaves it to me to tend and grow but he loves the home grown veges and fruit. He willingly built me the new raised vege patch. He is great at composting green waste too.

I have found the best way forward with dealing with Mr Gadget is to lead by example. If I go ahead and make small changes, one at a time, and he sees them working and me being consistent then normally he is willing to change too. But it is frustrating having so many goals and not having Mr Gadget behind me supporting me in these issues. I feel like he initially resists in most areas I suggest change in. But I am certain he will come around eventually when he sees the sense in what i am doing.

Some of the changes I want to make this year include:
Harvesting water - another water tank, gutter diverters etc.
Buying veges and fruit locally.
Less food waste ( I have gone a long way in 2008 to remedy this)
Make some fruit/veg bags.
Planting fruit trees - thinking either espelier or mini fruit trees due to room issues.
Meeting more like minded people living locally for ideas and support.
Building an outdoor wood fired pizza oven (Mr Gadget is very keen on this idea).
Get chooks
Preserving more foods

M xx


Little Terraced House said...

Hi Melinda, I have similar problems with my husband. He also is a wonderful man in so many ways but He leaves lights on all the time because it makes the house look 'cosy' - usually in rooms that nobody is using, he cant understand why I have clothes on racks drying - he wants to buy a new tumble dryer, he will burn plastic bottles on our open fire rather than recyle them....I could go on and on, yet he praise me for all the things that we do do, make our own soaps and washing liquid, we make all our own jams, pickles, preserves, cook from scratch, have a large veggie garden which he gets involved with etc.

I love him with all my heart, but it is such hard work at times changing habits which are so ingrained in order to make a difference to the simpler ways that we want and need to live ! LOL

You have my sympathies !

Best wishes Babs

Karen said...

I can totally sympathise with you - reading your post was like reading a post about us! Keep up the good work regardless. I am just very grateful for all the great blogs out there that encourage me instead as I am sure you are too :)

Kristy said...

I think you're right - lead by example and things slowly become habit/the norm and because there wasn't so much 'hurrah' around it happening and it did so quietly, perhaps more likely to become accepted...

I think some years ago we may have been in the same boat, but I am pleased to say not any more. By example or learning or whatever, we're a long way from where we were and he's as keen on most things as I am.

It'll happen and you're both in a great position to do it!


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