Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Our area has council bulk waste collections twice a year. People put things out on the kerb for the local council’s bulk waste collection. They’ll recycle any white goods and furniture, green waste gets mulched and dispose of the rest.
But that’s only if the stuff lasts long enough for the council to pick it up. Reseller cruise around the areas in their utes, and there are many cars going for drive bys and people wandering around to check out what is on offer. A 70 year old grandma of a friend used to go out in her van each week to collect and then do things up and resell at the Trading Centre. It was a great way for her to supplement her pension.
Anything worth salvaging usually gets snavelled up before the council trucks come around. Householders purposely put good items they want recycled out in the hope that they go to a new home.
Many people I talk to about my love of bulk waste days say they are happier contributing to the ‘donating’ side rather than the scavenging side. I like the salvaging, I get rather excited about it! I love a good bargain!
I have found this wonderful old chair.

Pots, I especially like the large terracotta ones.
Plant stands.
shelving for the garage.
step machine excercise machine thingy
dog bed
garden ornaments
old wheelbarrows like the one below which is my strawberry patch.

The council here advertises where and when the collection dates are and if they are close by Super boy and I go for a walk or drive, park the car and stroll the streets to check for useful items. Next one is coming up very soon in this area and I for one can't wait.
M xx

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