Saturday, September 6, 2008


I have been asking Mr. Gadget to build me a raised vege patch for a while, not weeks, not months, more like years. A few weeks ago I saw a colourbond raised veg patch and told MrR Gadget that I was seriously thinking of getting one or two for the garden. The mere thought of me buying one spurred him on because last week I came home to find he had brought the wood and started. He has even designed it with a higher section at the back and it goes another few metres around the corner than the photo shows.
Very happy as now I will have a dedicated place to put my veges and herbs. Up until now I have just planted them where ever there is a space in the garden. And the place with the most space doesn't get nearly enough sunlight. This new corner where the raised patch is going gets heaps of sun.
But the big problem is that Mr Gadget has brought treated pine sleepers for the vege patch. The thought of what will be leeching out of the timbers into the soil where veges are going to be grown distreses me. What to do! Mr Gadget will not be impressed if I don't use it and it won't be good for marriagal harmony for me to make a huge fuss (even a little fuss will cause friction).
Does anyone know if sealing the timber by painting it will work or lining it with black plastic? Might do both. I have also read that root veges should be avoided where there is treated timber.
Oh what to do?? Help!
M xx

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