Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I have recently painted and decorated our bedroom. Gone are the two tone pink wallpaper with border - it was probably very in vogue once but we were definately in need of a change. Poor Mr. Gadget has been surrounded by pink for way too long!

So now the room is green - dulux fortune. Mr Gadget made and installed a picture rail for me. He is a good man!
Then I decided I was sick of the pine furniture that we have had forever. But I couldn't justify gettign rid of it and buying new since it was still in good condition. So instead I painted it. Firstly painted it with this very cool paint (it has probably been around for ages but I have only just found it) that can be painted onto oil or varnished and there is no need to sand beforehand. After that was dry I painted the main colour (antique white USA) and then sanded off around edges etc to give the furniture a distressed look. Brought some new knobs for the drawers to replace the wooden ones and all complete. Love how they turned out.

Very shabby chic - very me.

M xx

1 comment:

Nicole said...

lov the green :o)
your new look draws are fab

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