Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It is only 13 weeks to Christmas. We don't go overboard in our house with Christmas buying/giving. Mr. Gadget and I usually get something for each other that is practical or for the house or garden. This year I am after a water tank.
The boys get one main pressie and then smaller ones we have usually brought on sale and put away during the year. I always spoil the kids, mine and my nieces and nephews!

But I love giving presents and making presents. Usually I give my family and friends something handmade. I go to great lengths to make something that I know the recipitent will use or value. Giving presents is a talent, to know what a person wants, what suits their personality, what they will appreciate. I love it!

I also encourage Guitar Dude, Zippy and Super Boy to make and give presents to us, to one another and to grandparents or special friends.

So I have made a start on some presents. Some covered diarys for the kids to give to their teachers.
Milo tin decorated for a nephew. The tin will be filled with toy wild animals - he is animal mad. I am currently decorating another milo tin for my Aunt who is a gardener. Her decorated tin will be full of seeds, gardening gloves etc. And when the next tin of milo is empty I will decorate it for my niece and fill it full of hairclips, make up, lip gloss etc. These are so fun and quick to make.
Bookmarks with quotes and beautiful rose photos on them. These ones are for my reader friends.

M xx

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Chris and Dave said...

Those are some great gifts. All very useful as well. Love to see people making their own gifts. It's so personal and something no-one else can give.

Well done!

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