Sunday, September 28, 2008


I challenge myself to not waste food. Yesterday I read that 1 in every 5 bags of food brought into the home in australia ends up as waste. That is absolutely disgraceful! Notebook magazine are promoting a Stop Food Waste! Campaign, They also have a competition to send in a hint and you could win a Tupperware Fridgesmart Set. I use this tupperware in my fridge for veges and fruit and they make a huge difference to the freshness of foods. Love them.
I am guilty of throwing food away. I go shopping and buy too many vegetables or fruits and they go off before we get to use them. Yesterday I cleaned out the fridge. I threw out (into the compost but still waste) 3 sweet potoatoes, grapes, 1/4 rockmelon, part of a pumpkin and some left over rice. Food that was perfectly alright when brought and it sat too long in the fridge until it was no good to eat. Ideally I want to grow the majority of my vegetables and not have to buy them. But when I do grow them I want to be able to eat or preserve or give away all excess. My aim is that all food that enters this house is eaten not disposed of.

So starting tomorrow I am going to plan a fortnightly meal plan. Fortnightly so hopefully I only need to grocery shop once each fortnight. I hate food shopping, so the less the better. At the moment I usually go to Aldi and then to a fruit and vegetable market. I try to avoid the bigger supermarkets unless there are specials that I can't ignore.
My local supermarket is Coles but I try not to do a main shop there. But every now and then they have great specials. Like last week they had Seventh Generation washing powder marked down to $4.00 from $8.50 and they had toilet paper under 50 cents a roll too ( I have a thing about spending more than 50 cents on a roll of loo paper).
So I will be making a menu and making a shopping list and sticking to it.
I will cook to use up foods that I already have in the fridge, freezer and pantry. At the moment I have 4 zuchinnis sitting in the fridge so tonights tea will be zucchini slice.

M xx

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Braeg Heneffe said...

Having a meal plan is a great way to stop wasting so much food, we have been doing it for a few weeks now, writing our shopping list from the ingrediants we need to do our cooking so we don't buy too much, saves money too as you're not buying anything you don't need or won't use

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